Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes your cakes different?

Taste….. Quality….. and Individualized attention to detail. We make every cake to order and customize each one to fit your special occasion.

What sizes and shapes do you offer?

We have done wedding cakes of all shapes and sizes, but the size of a cake depends completely on how many servings you need. If you find a particular cake that you would like that serves more than you will need, we can customize it by substituting a “dummy” cake in place of a real cake, however, the cost will be the same. As for shape, most wedding cakes are traditionally round, but we have also done square, hexagon, heart, oval, and petal-shaped wedding cakes.

What is the difference between Buttercream and Fondant icing?

Buttercream is the signature icing we use for all of our cakes unless other requests are made. Our buttercream is a whipped frosting with light flavors of vanilla, butter, almond, and a hint of citrus. We can customize the flavoring of our buttercream for those who prefer specific flavors, and it may be tinted to match any color as well.

Fondant icing is a rolled icing that has a hint of marshmallow flavor. It has a play dough-like consistency that can be rolled and draped onto a cake. It “dries” with a semi-hard, perfectly smooth and satiny surface that holds up well. Unlike the buttercream, it does not come in different flavors, but can be colored to match any color scheme. There is also an additional charge for each cake decorated in fondant icing.

How much do your cakes cost?

The cost of a cake can vary depending on the size, flavor, and overall design. For this reason, we ask that you contact us for an appointment so we may customize the perfect cake for your occasion.

Do you deliver out of town?

Yes. Delivery in the immediate Iowa/Illinois Quad City area is included in the total price of the cake. Any delivery greater than 30 miles outside of Bettendorf, IA is subject to a delivery fee of $1.25 per mile.
Although we do not charge for delivery to the immediate Iowa/Illinois Quad City area some deliveries may be subject to a set-up fee dependant on the complexity of the cake construction and time involved in setting the cake up at your venue. All fees will be discussed and finalized at your booking.

Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes we do offer cake tastings at a nominal charge of $15.00. Tasting are by appointment only. We provide two bite size samples of a variety of classic & specialty flavors for you to try.  

How far in advance should I order my wedding cake or birthday cake?

We recommend that you book your wedding cake at least 6 months in advance. Availability becomes increasingly limited with less than 6 months notice, so we recommend you set up an appointment with us and get your date booked as soon as you have a wedding date set. As for birthday cakes or other special occasion cakes, we request at least one week notice. Any order placed with less than 72 hour notice will be charged a 25% late booking fee.

How do I reserve a date for my wedding?

To reserve a date we ask that you set up a wedding cake appointment so we can work up a quote for you. At the appointment should you decide to book with us we require a non-refundable $100 booking deposit which can be applied to the cake order.

Do I need to bring anything for my cake appointment?

Should you have any pictures or ideas of cakes you’ve seen that you like, please feel free to bring them or e-mail them to us ahead of time. If you do not, that is perfectly okay. We have a whole gallery of pictures for you to look through for inspiration and ideas.

Can you do picture cakes?

Yes. We can take an image or picture of your choice and print it on sugar paper to be placed on your cake. These edible images may be added at an additional cost, however, we are not allowed to copy images that are copyright and/or trademark protected. We also reserve the right not to print pictures we may deem inappropriate.

What is the correct way to cut different kinds of cakes?

The technique for cutting a cake can vary depending on whether you are cutting a wedding cake or a birthday cake, even if they are of similar size. Wedding cake serving sizes are approximately 1 in. x 2 in. by 2 layers high (about 4 in.) whereas birthday cakes are 1 ½ in. x 2 in. slices. The correct way to cut both birthday and wedding cakes can best be explained by the Wilton cake cutting methods which we have linked below. Follow these links to assist you in finding the correct way to cut each kind of cake.

Wilton Wedding Cake Cutting Guide

Wilton Party Cake Cutting Guide